Netflix just announced that they will renew Sense8 for a Two-Hours special!


Thank you all for your support!


Don’t forget, We’re ALL a WE! <3



TV Scoop Awards: Vote for Sense8 as best Drama!

The E! TV Scoop Awards 2017 are getting close! You can now vote for Sense8 in several categories:

Saddest Cancellation

Best Drama

Best Couple

Sense8 is already leading in all of the above, add your voice now! 😀

Amazon E-Mail Party!

You can now send your personal e-mail to Amazon! Explain why Sense8 is so important and why they would benefit from having it in their library.

It’s important we do NOT bash Netflix in our e-mails. Remember to be respectful, do not spam them with multiple e-mails, and always sign your message.

Use our special dear-amazon@renewsense8.com to contact both Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Douglas Gurr (VP).

Share your actions on Twitter using the #Sense8Amazon hashtag!


Let’s spread the word sensates!

Is Sense8 dead for good?

Netflix has released a statement on the official Sense8 Tumblr today stating that they have apparently made their mind up regarding the cancellation. After two seasons and an Holiday special, is the show definitely over?


Netflix has released a statement regarding the state of Sense8. Apparently, they do read the 700+ e-mails that you sent! Here is a transcript of the original Netflix letter:

To our Sense8 family…

We’ve seen the petitions.

We’ve read the messages.

We know you want to #RenewSense8,
and we wish we could #BringBackSense8 for you.

The reason we’ve taken so long to get back to you is because we’ve thought long and hard here at Netflix to try to make it work but unfortunately we can’t.

Thank you for watching and hope you’ll stay close with your cluster around the world.



Brian J. Smith, who plays Chicago police officer Will Gorski in the show, has also released a statement on TwitLonger.

Guys, there are no secrets here. I’ve been given the same reason for the cancelation that you have: viewership.


Personally… I don’t know what to think anymore. Netflix is a for profit company, and like Brian said in his statement, it’s doubtful that there is an other reason to the cancellation besides the obvious “Money/Viewership” issues. Of course I know the Sense8 community is going to continue hoping, and I hope Netflix will provide us with one last special to conclude the Cluster’s story.

They deserve it, Netflix!

In the meantime, take the fight to Netflix. Continue checking our website regularly for updates, and join our Discord Server to be updated in real-time of actions happening, and of course to talk with the rest of the ‘global cluster’.




Because we know you need to cheer up:

Be part of Sense8 Tribute Videos!

From all over the world, we’re connected through Sense8, and the music that makes it special. ‘What’s Up’ by 4 Non Blondes is probably one of the most well known songs of the show, so it goes without surprise that a lot of Sense8 fans decided it would be the perfect song for a Tribute Video.

Read this in portuguese

While there will be several videos, they all have the same basic principle:

  • Filming yourself singing ‘What’s Up’ by 4 Non Blondes (a cappella)
  • If you’re filming with a phone, hold it horizontally
  • Add your name in the email message, and where you’re from
  • Get creative! Film yourself at a famous landmark, at Pride, a Karaoke Bar, etc.. Sky’s the limit!

When you’re all done, send your video via a WeTransfer, Google Drive or  Dropbox link to : i-say-hey@renewsense8.com (Don’t send it as an attachement, it will not get through!)

Be careful tho: the deadline is on June 19th!

We’re happy to say that we already have the support of Chase Holfelder that agreed that we use his video in our tributes:

Thanks, Chase!


Let’s see your videos Sensates!


After knowing the unexpected and sad news about Sense 8 being cancelled, a small group of friends decided to make some noise and catch everyone’s attention. Without even dreaming about it, we reached more than 100k signs in less than a day. The amount of support the series has received is unbelievable and we won’t give up.

However, there are some other things we can do to catch Netflix’s attention. Thanks to several users on both Twitter and Tumblr, we managed to collect phone numbers from different countries to contact Netflix. If you want to make a difference and help, let’s start calling them, always talking with respect and patience, explaining what we are trying to do and how much we support the show. 

Here are the different numbers and the countries:

  • UNITED STATES: 1 (866) 579 – 7172
  • CANADA: 866 –  579 – 7115
  • COLOMBIA: 01 – 800 – 755 – 0114
  • MÉXICO: 01800 – 265 – 0161
  • ESPAÑA: 900866616
  • ARGENTINA: 0800 – 444 – 2169
  • PANAMÁ: +1 (408) 600 – 1721
  • BRAZIL: 0 – 800 – 086 – 4041
  • UNITED KINGDOM: 0800 – 096 – 6379
  • GERMANY: 0800 – 724- 0963
  • FRANCE: +1 – 800 – 585 – 7265
  • ITALY: 800 – 784 – 308
  • THE NETHERLANDS: 0800 – 022 – 5173
  • AUSTRALIA: 1800 – 071 – 578
  • BELGIUM: 0800-740-36
  • SWEDEN: 020-79 06 35

Apart from calling, you can algo keep sharing the petition and keep spreading the words!

Thank you so much to sense8blog (tumblr) and @britneyarmyar for sharing the information!

Operation Flip Flop is underway!

This is it! Are you ready to give up on your favorite pair of flip flops?

Sense8 fans mobilize to save the show by each sending a single Flip Flop to Netflix’s offices.

Yes Flip Flops! As ridicule as it may seem, hundreds of of flip flops sent to Netflix’s offices via Snail Mail could send a strong message.

After debate, sensates all over the world have decided this particular item would be great to get Netflix’s attention. Want to get into the fun?

Easy! Just send get ONE flip flop, and send it along with the phrase :

Sense8 needs closure like Lito needs his Flip Flop.

And send it to one of Netflix different Snail Mail addresses :  https://help.netflix.com/en/node/2101


Here are some people who are already joining the fun

‘Dear Netflix’ E-Mail Address

Hey Sensates,

We have set up and e-mail address you can use to contact several Netflix decision makers including Reed Hasting (Co-founder and CEO), Cindy Holland (Vice President of Original Content), Neil Hunt (Chief Product Officer), Ted Sarandos (Chief Content Officer) and Lindsay Colker and Stuart Gurr  (Press Relations).


How does it work?

Basically, you just send your e-mail to ‘dear-netflix@renewsense8.com‘ (stay clam and respectfull please!) our servers will dispatch the email to all the Netflix Officials decision makers.

Over the course of a few hours you were already more than 150 (Update on 06-04-17: that number is now over 350) to have used this service! Keep the love coming! 😍


For technical & moderation purposes, we get a copy of your e-mail (only to make sure it actually gets there!), we also take a quick peek at the said e-mail to make sure it is not offensive, or insulting. That also means that we are able to publish, or quote your (often beautifully written) pleas in our posts. Of course, we will ask for your consent prior to publishing and won’t use your letter if you don’t want us to.

Keep in mind that, on our end, only one person (me) is actually able to read these e-mails so don’t worry if you get personnal in these e-mails, it’s our secret 🙊


Feel free to contact us if you have any remarks or questions regarding this service using our contact page.

Thanks for reading & have a great day!

“Sense8” Officially Cancelled by Netflix

Sense8 is a “Netflix Original Series” that premiered in June 2015, and followed by a second season in 2017. It quickly became one of the most beloved show on the platform. Yesterday, Netflix officially announced that the show would not be renewed.

After days of rumors, Netflix’s Cindy Holland has officially released a statement which said that the series will indeed not be renewed for a third season.

“After 23 episodes, 16 cities and 13 countries, the story of the Sense8 cluster is coming to an end. It is everything we and the fans dreamed it would be: bold, emotional, stunning, kick ass, and outright unforgettable. Never has there been a more truly global show with an equally diverse and international cast and crew, which is only mirrored by the connected community of deeply passionate fans all around the world. We thank Lana, Lilly, Joe and Grant for their vision, and the entire cast and crew for their craftsmanship and commitment.”

While Netflix hasn’t released any viewership figures, it is suspected that they fell bellow the their expectation. This, coupled with an high production cost ($9M/per episode) seems to be the likely explanation.

Yesterday, we created a petition on Change.org to show Netflix that the show has a lot of loyal fans. In a few hours, it got the support of over 200,000 people and was relayed by the media all over the world.

If you haven’t signed the petition yet, please do so! And feel free to share it with your friends so it gets all the support it deserves :