‘Dear Netflix’ E-Mail Address

Hey Sensates,

We have set up and e-mail address you can use to contact several Netflix decision makers including Reed Hasting (Co-founder and CEO), Cindy Holland (Vice President of Original Content), Neil Hunt (Chief Product Officer), Ted Sarandos (Chief Content Officer) and Lindsay Colker and Stuart Gurr  (Press Relations).


How does it work?

Basically, you just send your e-mail to ‘dear-netflix@renewsense8.com‘ (stay clam and respectfull please!) our servers will dispatch the email to all the Netflix Officials decision makers.

Over the course of a few hours you were already more than 150 (Update on 06-04-17: that number is now over 350) to have used this service! Keep the love coming! 😍


For technical & moderation purposes, we get a copy of your e-mail (only to make sure it actually gets there!), we also take a quick peek at the said e-mail to make sure it is not offensive, or insulting. That also means that we are able to publish, or quote your (often beautifully written) pleas in our posts. Of course, we will ask for your consent prior to publishing and won’t use your letter if you don’t want us to.

Keep in mind that, on our end, only one person (me) is actually able to read these e-mails so don’t worry if you get personnal in these e-mails, it’s our secret 🙊


Feel free to contact us if you have any remarks or questions regarding this service using our contact page.

Thanks for reading & have a great day!

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  1. David sloan
    David sloan says:

    Dear netflix I just finished watching sense8, I know what ever i write will not and cannot explain how good it was, I have seen so many movies tv shows documentarys ect… and sense8 is by far the greatest thing I have ever watched, I know this will sound silly but sense8 was not only great to watch but changed me for the better. I had views on sertin things in life wich I was convinced could not be changed but after watching this I have been proven wrong. It was fantasticly amazi balls. The creators or minds that came up with this should be exstaticly happy with what they created. It had everything that u could ever want from any form of show. I was up down sad happy angry every emotion u can think of by far the greatest thing I have ever seen and cannot imagine that there will ever be anything shown again that could knock this of my top spot! I never wanted it to end I slept in for work on many occasions just to see a little more the casting was fantastic story was fantastic every single thing about it was fantastic. VERY VERY VERY WELL DONE! A++++++ 10/10 5* I could easily watch it again and again and most certainly will be on many many occasions absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😍😍😍🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉


    Ps how do I contact the creators of this amazing show.???? 

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

  2. Kathleen cromer
    Kathleen cromer says:

    Hi Cindy Holland, I realize you are a very busy lady with a great responsibility with Netflix. I am very proud of women that have worked hard to gain high positions. My question is can Longmire be brought back for more of the Longmire series, I know that it is a series that is truly awesome to watch and loved by the public. It would be great to see more of this series with the original cast. Please consider.

  3. Lea
    Lea says:

    I also sent an email. I know it’s already renewed, but I think the international importance of telling stories like sense8 is underestimated. Just wanted my voice to be heard on this one.
    Thank you so much for putting all of this effort! I have just discovered sense8 and I am eternally grateful it already had such amazing fans to keeping it alive a little longer! <3

  4. Marty
    Marty says:


    I am writing to you to plead for the renewal of Sense8, when you cancel a show (any show for that matter) you are not just stopping a television program. It is like losing a group of friends in a horrible accident, when I found out that you had cancelled Sense8 I genuinely cried! I felt as though my family had been ripped away from me, torn from my existence and lost to me for ever.

    Please please do not do this to me and many thousands like me, please, the world needs this show and its awesome cast more than you can possibly know!

    With my kindest regards


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