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Be part of Sense8 Tribute Videos!

From all over the world, we’re connected through Sense8, and the music that makes it special. ‘What’s Up’ by 4 Non Blondes is probably one of the most well known songs of the show, so it goes without surprise that a lot of Sense8 fans decided it would be the perfect song for a Tribute Video.

Read this in portuguese

While there will be several videos, they all have the same basic principle:

  • Filming yourself singing ‘What’s Up’ by 4 Non Blondes (a cappella)
  • If you’re filming with a phone, hold it horizontally
  • Add your name in the email message, and where you’re from
  • Get creative! Film yourself at a famous landmark, at Pride, a Karaoke Bar, etc.. Sky’s the limit!

When you’re all done, send your video via a WeTransfer, Google Drive or  Dropbox link to : i-say-hey@renewsense8.com (Don’t send it as an attachement, it will not get through!)

Be careful tho: the deadline is on June 19th!

We’re happy to say that we already have the support of Chase Holfelder that agreed that we use his video in our tributes:

Thanks, Chase!


Let’s see your videos Sensates!

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    • Jules
      Jules says:

      Hi Olesya, nice hearing from you!
      The person who is doing the video told me earlier he was going to use the clips to make a celebratory video! So hopefully very soon! I will post the video on the site when it’s done 😁

    • Jules
      Jules says:

      Record it in the key you like! Get creative, with good editing there can be more than one key on the final song 😊


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