Netflix just announced that they will renew Sense8 for a Two-Hours special!


Thank you all for your support!


Don’t forget, We’re ALL a WE! <3



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  1. David George
    David George says:

    After discovering the “Sense8” series I found myself binge watching both seasons in two days. Was so sad when I discovered season 3 was cancelled. The characters, their connections and their stories drew me in completely.

    • Maria
      Maria says:

      Do you think just maybe… just maybe they’ll change their mind @Netflix bring it back as a SEASON 3? One of the best shows I have seen on Netflix. I have several favs but this one was a piece of ART! My fiance and I watched both seasons in 4 days! We we’re so devastated that it wasn’t renewed. Knowing what happens to OUR family is important. Need to Know about Wolfgang. We need to see Whispers DIE a slow and painful death. lol Please bring back Sense8 for more seasons!! Please. Does anybody know if that will happen? what else can we do?

  2. Mike
    Mike says:

    Personally I am really surprised that Logo doesn’t pick this up real quick like. Glad for the victory but would love to see the war won and the show go much further.

  3. Gina Land
    Gina Land says:

    That is wonderful! I just started watching the show. I was searching for something to watch and thought I would check it out. I have pretty much been binge-watching it ever since. I love the story! I love the characters! I love the boldness and the issues it tackles. Thank you to all those involved. Well done!

    • Nicki
      Nicki says:

      I connected to this storyline deep in my soul. I felt it was the truth we have all been waiting, what this world needs to remember and is the essence of collective consciousness. It moved me and changed me. There are really no words to express how important it is to have a closure. Thankyou 🙂

  4. Lotus
    Lotus says:

    I may be speechless, but my heart is smiling and full of love all the way from CT!!!

  5. Max
    Max says:

    Miré la serie con mucha atención, poco a poco me atrapaba más y más, me sentía dentro de cada personaje, me emocioné y hasta lloré en casa escena, volví a creer en el amor sin barreras, hasta que todo se vino abajo con la noticia de la cancelación, no puedo describir que tan desilusionado estaba, me sentía triste, no podía entender por que una serie modificó tanto mi estado de ánimo. De pronto vi que muchísima gente estaba como yo, sentían lo mismo que yo, empecé a tener esperanza y soñaba con tan sólo un pequeño final, ahora me doy cuenta de lo que se pudo lograr y mi deseo es por más temporadas, por muchas más. Gracias a todos !!!

  6. Kelly Morning
    Kelly Morning says:

    That’s great, and I appreciate everyone’s fantastic effort to keep this show going, but I can’t help but to be left feeling that this is still a cop-out on the part of Netflix. After years of frustration with the networks putting out good shows only to ax them prematurely, I thought Netflix was the salvation. I gladly paid my monthly fee to watch great original programming, without the constant dread of the swinging ax that could come down at any moment and cut my favourite show out of existence. In fact, I’d had been willing to pay more to support great content like Sense 8. I’ve recommended Netflix to many of my friends, encouraging them to support a service with good content at a reasonable fee.

    That has all changed now. No longer can I view Netflix in the same way. The dread that had been lifted, is back to stay. Where Netflix once stood apart, they’ve now succumbed to the network ways. Don’t get me wrong. It’s great that there’ll be some closure, and it’s horrific that Netflix even considered providing none at all, but Sense 8 deserves so much more.

    I for one feel my only response is to discontinue my service. It’s the only true statement I can make of my dissatisfaction. I don’t feel that important that Netflix will miss me, but if enough customers feel this way because of this show or others in the future, then maybe the message will get through.

    I apologize for this rant, as I realize this is supposed to a celebration on a win. You guys really did do a great job to at least get some closure for the deserving fans.


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