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Is Sense8 dead for good?

Netflix has released a statement on the official Sense8 Tumblr today stating that they have apparently made their mind up regarding the cancellation. After two seasons and an Holiday special, is the show definitely over?

Be part of Sense8 Tribute Videos!

From all over the world, we’re connected through Sense8, and the music that makes it special. ‘What’s Up’ by 4 Non Blondes is probably one of the most well known songs of the show, so it goes without surprise that a lot of Sense8 fans decided it would be the perfect song for a Tribute […]

‘Dear Netflix’ E-Mail Address

We have set up and e-mail address you can use to contact several Netflix decision makers including Reed Hasting (Co-founder and CEO), Cindy Holland (Vice President of Original Content), Neil Hunt (Chief Product Officer) and Ted Sarandos (Chief Content Officer). How does it work?