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Critic Reviews for Sense8 Season 2:

Sophie Mayer
Sense8 channels the fantasy of post-racial globalism that condemned the Wachowskis’ adaptation of Cloud Atlas to ridicule, but pairs it with the more hard-nosed anti-capitalist critique of the first Matrix film.
Sophie MayerSight and Sound
David Sims
This nakedly political show somehow manages to be free-spirited, rather than dull or polemical; its good intentions often border on goofy naiveté in a way that’s charming rather than grating.
David SimsThe Atlantic
Mitchel Broussard
One of the most intriguing and sincere sci-fi mythologies returns in Sense8’s second season, which never for a second loses sight of the aching humanity pulsing away at the center of the show’s breakneck adventure.
Mitchel Broussard We Got This Covered
Todd VanDerWerff

I’m more accepting of the show’s eccentricities and rough spots, more willing to follow it over the cliff of cheesy dialogue and baffling character beats, simply because I love having a show this open-hearted, yet still boasting this many car chases.

Todd VanDerWerffVox
Poppy-Jay Palmer

Very rarely does a TV series come along that just loves existing as much as Sense8 does.

Poppy-Jay PalmerSciFiNow
Deborah Krieger

[It’s] one of those shows in which the only way to enjoy it is jumping in wholeheartedly and accepting that it’s going to be cheesy and ridiculous. If you don’t keep that in mind, then you won’t be able to appreciate its charms, of which there are many.

Deborah KriegerPopMatters

Now, you say something:

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  1. Dany
    Dany says:

    Sense8 is a revolutionary show.

    You feel what the characters feel while watching.

    You laugh and cry with them.

    Joyous when they are. Melancholy when they are.

    The writers and actors have done an amazing job of conveying the togetherness of the cluster.

    Allow let us continue to be apart of their lives.

  2. Rach
    Rach says:

    I love sense8!! It’s their best show ever!! They should cancel other shows and put that budget into making more Sense8 season! I don’t believe that they don’t have enough audience for this show! A 2 hr final is definitely not enough!!

  3. François Le Maoute
    François Le Maoute says:


    Upcoming 2hours , good.

    But isn’t what we want more complete seasons ? A long life for the show ?
    I’m doing my best so everyone I know who has netflix watch it …

    I believe in

  4. Smongotcha
    Smongotcha says:

    Sense8 is a series about diversity and acceptance. It explores the possibility of differences within and beyond the human race. It reaches for and demands its audience to explore their own self actualization. Canceling would be a shame.

    CHOU JOSON says:

    Netflix的这个决定简直太terrible了!Sense8引导了后种族全球主义的幻想,谴责Wachowskis对Cloud Atlas的改编嘲笑,但将其与对第一部Matrix电影的更加强硬的反资本主义批评相配合。强烈要求恢复!!!

  6. Alsh
    Alsh says:

    Ok, sensates, we did it. For now.
    But we have much more to do. From Lana’s letter clear, that she has some hope for more.
    We need to keep pushing, but petitions, flip-flops and Twitter campaigns won’t work this time. At least, they won’t work without more solid reason for Netflix to reverse their decision for real.
    The only one possible solid reason is more money. More money is about viewership. So this is our major goal: to get a lot, A LOT of people to watch Sense8. Next year everyone around should wait for the special, even if Netflix won’t be advertising it at all, as it happened with season 2.
    This is our job: promote Sense8 like we are paid for this.
    Talk with people about Sense8. Especially with people who have a love for a long and slow sci-fi, who are concerned with human rights, who are interested in knowing different cultures.
    Buy merchandise. There are unofficial stuff: mugs, t-shirts, posters. People are curious, they will notice t-shirt, come home, go to google it.
    Write posts about Sense8. Write fanfics. Make video. Paint doodles. Make Sense8 panels on local cons. Vote for Sense8 in every possible poll. Rate Sense8 at IMDB.
    We may win a battle. We will see how Kala saves Wolfgang. Probably we will see how Hernando and Dani react on the cluster. I hope we will see detective Mun. Maybe Sun will get her life back. Maybe creators even show us Nomanita’s wedding.
    But we have so much more to see. The Wachowskis and JMS have so much more to tell us, to tell the world. Sense8 can change so many more lives.
    We need to keep fighting, and this time it’s going to be a more complicated battle. We are not fighting Netflix this time; we are fighting the objective fact that Sense8 is hard to understand for many people. So we should find everyone, who can appreciate it. We should find everyone, who need it.
    Basically, we need to find other sensates. There are much more of us, I’m sure.
    Let’s do this.

    • Meghana
      Meghana says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with what’s been said. Does anyone know of a way to contact Lana? i think that would be really helpful so we could understand what more we can do on our end to get a S3

    SENSE8 RENEWED says:

    Thank you Lana & Lilly Wachowski for all your beautiful art (Matrix, Cloud Atlas, Sense8), you inspired me and changed my life. I tried to give something back by fighting hard for Sense8. I am so happy for all of us 🙂
    I love you guys! Let’s stay a global cluster for ever! “Together, there is nothing we can’t do”!!!!!!!

  8. Robert
    Robert says:

    So now that Netflix has flinched … we need to keep the pressure on for a full renewal of season 3.

    How about round 2 of operation flip-flop see if we can get a full KO!

  9. Seyedhassan Seyedfatemi
    Seyedhassan Seyedfatemi says:

    Hi there.
    After many years, Finally I’ve found a different TV series. Now I’m hearing about its cancellation. It’s shocking like a terrorist attack. Even the Netflix knows how successful this program is.

    It’s a big loss

  10. Roberto
    Roberto says:

    Sense8 è un’opera finalmente nuova, fuori dagli schemi e dai format tradizionali, tocca innumerevoli tematiche e ci offre un messaggio positivo, una speranza per una convivenza pacifica e collaborativa tra popoli, religioni e generi diversi. Spero davvero che si trovi il modo di concludere questa serie appassionante come merita, su Netflix o su altre piattaforme.
    I am also a ‘WE’

      • The flat screen takes you out
        The flat screen takes you out says:

        I think that was like the last, most expensive ones.. If the sensies are now all in one place shouldn’t it be cheaper..? At least a graphic novel could be funded or something…
        Plus if everyone that signed the petition gave 10$ we would have 5million!!! With just a little help from this company that co-funded season 1 and was willing to go on if Netflix hadn’t purchased the entire show.. (I don’t remember the name, it was Mega Corporation UK or something, it was on J.M.Straczynski’s twitter) If we gave Netflix all that money they couldn’t hide behind any excuse about cost!!!
        It seems the most viable option aside from convincing Netflix to release the rights…

        I just don’t know a thing about how crowdfunding works ;p

  11. Eric Gold
    Eric Gold says:

    Okay, we’re banging our heads at the wall here. Netflix is obviously making a very poor decision. What needs to happen to move the show to a different network? Have HBO, STARZ, Showtime or Amazon expressed interest? Have they even been approached?

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