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Critic Reviews for Sense8 Season 2:

Sophie Mayer
Sense8 channels the fantasy of post-racial globalism that condemned the Wachowskis’ adaptation of Cloud Atlas to ridicule, but pairs it with the more hard-nosed anti-capitalist critique of the first Matrix film.
Sophie MayerSight and Sound
David Sims
This nakedly political show somehow manages to be free-spirited, rather than dull or polemical; its good intentions often border on goofy naiveté in a way that’s charming rather than grating.
David SimsThe Atlantic
Mitchel Broussard
One of the most intriguing and sincere sci-fi mythologies returns in Sense8’s second season, which never for a second loses sight of the aching humanity pulsing away at the center of the show’s breakneck adventure.
Mitchel Broussard We Got This Covered
Todd VanDerWerff

I’m more accepting of the show’s eccentricities and rough spots, more willing to follow it over the cliff of cheesy dialogue and baffling character beats, simply because I love having a show this open-hearted, yet still boasting this many car chases.

Todd VanDerWerffVox
Poppy-Jay Palmer

Very rarely does a TV series come along that just loves existing as much as Sense8 does.

Poppy-Jay PalmerSciFiNow
Deborah Krieger

[It’s] one of those shows in which the only way to enjoy it is jumping in wholeheartedly and accepting that it’s going to be cheesy and ridiculous. If you don’t keep that in mind, then you won’t be able to appreciate its charms, of which there are many.

Deborah KriegerPopMatters

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  1. Arun Sridharan
    Arun Sridharan says:

    No other show has touched my heart the way this show did. I’m one of the cluster members now. I’ve become Angelica’s child. We need to know what happens to the family. We need to save wolfgang and see him re-unite with Kala. One of my favorite Wachowskis work, after Cloud Atlas. Hope we have a Season 3 soon.

    • Sameeksha
      Sameeksha says:

      I really love this show. It is by far the best show on Netflix. The characters really touched my heart. I want this show to continue for as many seasons as possible. I don’t want just a 2 hour special. I want to see season 3 and 4 and so on.

  2. sebastian
    sebastian says:


  3. Matthew
    Matthew says:

    My wife and i have just discovered this amazing show only to discover it has been cancelled. And only a two hour episode in 2018. How can we take action to get a full season 3, 4, 5 , etc. why has Netflix not advertised this series. It is by far sooo much better that StrangerThings and other Netflix Blockbusters that has been advertised heavily. Sense8 is the best show i have ever watched.

    • Gary Levin
      Gary Levin says:

      I think the best way to do this is immediately after the season 3 two hour episode, it’s kinda like a sense8 Christmas special, and if we get the right juices flowing and get people to you know to stream it and renstream and have their friends stream as soon as it’s out, the chances are netflix will bite the bullet and if they see a positive increase in viewership, bedamned the costs they’ll renew it, not to mention House of Cards is DOA, and scifi on Netflix has been amazing from black mirror to the new show Altered Carbon which is right on par with Sense8, just crazier, we could truly pull out a 3rd season, not to mention season 3 in full has already been written or if not done year Lena Waschowski or however that’s Spelt said back in August she’s writing the full season 3 script in hopes things go super well for the special. I will only get my Netflix acct back when they bring it back, until then. I’ll just dl the shows I want for free wo streaming, but i will get my account back the day the two hour episode drops and if they don’t renew. I’ll cancel my membership again

  4. Cathy Hope
    Cathy Hope says:

    I am a 66 year old radical lesbian who didn’t watch TV for over 40 years, mainly because I never saw myself reflected in anything on TV. I did watch recorded videos of Star Trek (and spin-offs) via friends…and I realized that was mostly because it was science fiction and contained a modicum of diversity…and at least a theoretical belief in the possibility that our future could be more “equal” and “just.” I was told about Sense8 just a few months ago by a therapist friend…and became addicted. I cannot believe how much I wept, laughed, cheered, was deeply touched…Ditto to what so many people have said here. I came to deeply care about these characters…and realized that this kind of TV was transformative. If I won the lottery i would pay for another season!

  5. cvan
    cvan says:

    I just found this show and am delighted to discover an entertainment antidote to the hate, negativity and isolation that I see so frequently in the world. Thank you Netflix for this amazing show. I can’t wait for more episodes. The Sense8 message of love, hope and inclusion is everything we need right now.

  6. Seshama
    Seshama says:

    Sense8 is chaning the world. It has changed my world. The depth of the content – inspiring, insane amazing! I feel so connected, so honoured – its my family now, my cluster. Really Netflix, cancel another show that breeds discontent and bring our family back to us! We need them.. this masterpiece cannot lie covered on the shelf, its work is not done yet. Its purpose imcomplete. Isnt that what TV is ultimately supposed to do? Change the world! The world needs it right now more than ever. We need each other right now, more than ever. If you can see the bigger picture, then these teaching must be delivered, thats the most important and valuable gift you can give humanity at this crucial time of change. We love you all Sense8…

  7. sun
    sun says:


  8. Wade Jenkins
    Wade Jenkins says:

    The reason I joined Netflix is because of the major networks Canceling new interesting shows so I cancelled my cable and was enjoying Netflix but now they are turning out to be just like the other networks canceling very good show (sense 8) I think we should start showing them who really runs the networks and start canceling our memberships money rules so if we quit giving them money maybe they will quit canceling good shows I hope they come to there sences and keep this show on for a few more years. Go sense 8 I support y’all

  9. Ana
    Ana says:

    In renewing Sense8 for a two-hour special we’ve proved we can make a change, and that the audience it what matters. Sooooo…. how about season 3? I want a full season renewal. Anyone with me?

  10. Anthony
    Anthony says:

    I have found this show to be refreshing as well as a spectical to watch! I enjoy every minute of the show and enjoy all the messages it conveys. I hope netflix understands the gravity of this show to its viewers and its large following. I vote for several more seasons. I also believe a show like this should be picked up by a larger network like HBO or Cinemax. I believe it would bring a larger audience than what netflix only could imagine. The cast is amazing and my wife and I love it!!

  11. Damian
    Damian says:

    I’m writing to all fans of Sense8. There is a new producer. Let’s save the show, let Netflix give the rights to the show to other producers. If we try and fight, it is possible.
    We just have to show how much we are. I learned about the show only after xHamster suggested the production of the next season. Accidentally. I have not failed, I am delighted. I watched 2 seasons in 3 days and I can not wait for the next adventures and stories.
    Netflix treated its customers like garbage. How can they finish the season without any end? So many open threads, so much to tell – bum Netflix’s decision.
    This isn’t right. There is no right to do something like this to people and fans. That’s why I want all of us to fight for Sense8’s future.
    Fight together for more.

  12. sue
    sue says:

    this series is so multilayered and lush to watch ..it asks us to question our reality and explores ideas so profound they are almost impossible to comprehend let alone find answers… I feel so grateful that their are those out there writing ,producing and netflix media is backing it …..there is hope for the human race even we sapiens have a chance to see a future that is wonderful and belongs to all of us……we can do it ……….

  13. Camilla
    Camilla says:

    This show is more important than ever now in this time of division. I cannot think of any other programming that touches at the core of what it is to be human, and how we are all connected by being exactly that. During this time of rising violence, this work of art is healing and curing.

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